Christmas in Larnaca

Christmas in Larnaca

25 November 2018 - Articles

The most anticipated season holiday, and if you play your cards right, probably the most fun as well. Christmas in a small island, in the Mediterranean, sounds as promising as it should be. And to be more specific, Christmas in Larnaca, it is an all-around experience.

Photo by Petros Fiakkas

The festive feeling starts at The Rise Hotel, kick off your day with our stunning breakfast, before hitting the road to magic. Talking of magic, the first place you should go is the Europe’s square located at the beginning of the Finikoudes road. On the 1st of December, an illumination event will take place in the square, giving life to a huge Christmas tree. Needless to mention, lights and decorations will be placed throughout the town. In combination of the Christmas street decor and the massive ornament located at the end of Finikoudes, Larnaca turns into an amazing scenery.

Photos by Petros Fiakkas

From drinking and dining, to arts appreciation, Christmas in Larnaca must find you prepared. On the 8th and 9th of December, “Once upon a Christmas time” is a family-friendly bazar, at “Apothiki 79” on the Saint Lazaro's street. There you will find handcrafted pieces of art by local artists, while a Christmas themed workshop will keep your children busy!

However, Christmas in Cyprus is all about tradition and food, a lot of food! The easiest thing you can find in Larnaca these days, are the famous “melomakarona” and “kourabiedes”. Those are cookies specially made in the Christmas period. Melomakarona are covered in honey, and kourabiedes are covered in sugar dust! Not tempted yet? “Vasilopita” or King cake is a sweet pie served moments after the New Year’s Eve. And according to the tradition, finding the hidden coin will give you endless luck for the rest of the year!

Even if it’s your first time in Larnaca in general, you won’t find it difficult to adapt to the festive spirit. Walk through the several squares where concerts and organized sidewalks will be taking place. Walking and appreciating the scenery of Ermou and Zinonos Kitieos streets, on the 22nd and 30th of December, where no driving will be allowed, only walking and having fun! And of course, the peak of the celebrations, on the 31st of December, DJ sets and fireworks, will set the Europe’s square on fire!

Who said sectionalism is a bad thing? And when it comes to Larnaca, it is more than justified. Grab your friends, wear your biggest smile and let the magic happen!

Merry Christmas!


Article Photo by Alex.A Photography