More Than a Visit - Sightseeing in Larnaca

More Than a Visit - Sightseeing in Larnaca

20 March 2019 - Articles

There is a justified sectionalism among Larnaca’s people. Able to change scenery within minutes, since mountains are a few kilometers apart from the sea. And contemporary architecture is smoothly combined with the past eras.

In other words, Larnaca has a lot of sights worth visiting. In this blog article, we will go through some of our top picks!

Being a coastal town gives you the opportunity to explore the sea and its treasures. We are referring of course, to the Zenobia Wreck. Ranked in the top 10 wrecks in the world, the Swedish ferry is located close to Larnaca’s fishing harbor since 1980, where it sank with 104 tracks and trailers! Diving with the coordination of instructors is a one of a kind experience. And since we are talking about the sea, depending on the season, you can always enjoy the incredible beaches. Finikoudes and Mackenzie, are usually crowded, yet with a great atmosphere. If you fancy a more private beach time though, then 15 minutes driving and you will find yourself on a quieter beach at Kiti or Pervolia. And if you are searching for adrenaline, worth visiting is the Kitesurf Center, located at Kiti village. And of course, the Salt Lake. During the Middle Ages, Salt Lake was used to produce salt for commercial purposes. Today, in winter, is the home for over 80 migratory water birds, including Flamingos. Yet, in summer, it dries, creating a thick layer of salt.

Kamares Aqueduct by Kos Anton

It is known, that Larnaca has a rich heritage when it comes to historical sightseeing. It is believed that Saint Lazarus lived in Larnaca for about 30 years. On the 9th century, a devoted church was built to his name, and legend has it that his grave is located under the church! An imposing building easy to find in Larnaca due to its central location. A more recent historical building is the Kamares Aqueduct. It was built between 1747 and 1750, and it was in operation until 1939. Nowadays, it’s a beautiful ornament of Larnaca worth visiting. Walk down the Finikoudes road, and you will find yourself in front of a stunning building. It’s Larnaca’s fort or Larnaca’s Medieval Castle. It’s origins, is a source of controversy. Placing it’s built time from 1382 until 1625. However, the castle was used until 1948 by the British empire. Due to its historical importance, there is a symbolic entrance fee.

Saint Lazarus Church by Alexandros Filippou

Did you know that one of the holiest Islamic places is located in Larnaca? The Hala Sultan Tekke is devoted to Prophet Mohammed and his wife. On the past eras, it was a simple grave, yet, in recent years has transformed into a beautiful mosque. It is visited by thousands of tourists each year, and of course by thousands of Muslims.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself outside the city center, then worth visiting is the Camel Park in Mazotos village. Yes, a camel park. As fun as it sounds. During your stay at the park, you can feed and even, ride the camels. Apparently, both are equally fun. Have you ever seen a camel eating?

Mazotos Camel Park by Ekaterina Vinogradova

It's impossible to fit all Larnaca’s sightseeing in one blog article. Yet, we tried to mention some of the most important, and the ones that you should definitely be visiting. And most importantly, the majority of those places, are close to our hotel, making it easy to find and reach on foot!