More Than a Visit - The Bars

More Than a Visit - The Bars

9 February 2019 - Articles

Ever wondered how Larnaca’s bar hopping is? We got you covered! In this blog post, we will go through the best choices for your night out in Larnaca, to help you step up your drinking habits.

We live in the cocktail era, and based on our predictions, you should start considering being a part of that culture! Let’s start this journey with the newest entry in Larnaca’s drinking map! Joel Drinkery is a must for fine drinking enthusiasts. Joel’s interior design and cozy atmosphere takes you to another era from the time you step in. And in combination with their homemade ingredients philosophy, makes it stand out from the crowd.

Joel Drinkery

Famous for its street parties, Old Market St., is a well-established bar in Larnaca. Offering a wide variety of cocktails and a playful vibe, the Old Market is worth visiting! Needless to mention, their RnB oriented events on Sundays, are becoming a landmark. Q City Center is a new dynamic square, busy throughout the day. There you can find Joy Downtown. Joy, is a cocktail bar, offering nice music sessions by local DJs. It is a safe option for your night out!


Old Market St.

However, if cocktails aren’t your thing, you still have options for a night out in Larnaca. From alternative beer dedicated bars, to classy wineries, Larnaca gets busy at nights! When it comes to wines, Vinaria, is a bar offering expertise on a big wine list! And of course, an atmosphere that matches with the wine culture. The Oak Tree Cellar is a wine tasting room and can be easily described as a hidden gem. Located in a Larnaca’s downtown street, offers a huge list of wines. Both local and foreign, Oak Tree has some of the most premium wines out there!
And then, beers! 1900, is an artistic bar with a moto “Save water, drink beer”. Its decoration is a piece of art on its own, and there you can enjoy a big variety of beers. If you prefer an alternative night out in Larnaca, then Barrel House is your place. Barrel House has a reputation for experimenting with local handcrafted beers. There, you can find some of the rarest beers both local and foreign. And of course, Savino, one of the oldest bars in Cyprus. Located in the old Larnaca streets, offers a more relaxing way of going out. With a friendly atmosphere and rock vibes, at Savino, you can rock your night!

Barrel House

Last but not least, The Rise Hotel Central Bar. Our central bar offers, delicious cocktails throughout the day. With the expertise you are already used to! Our Lounge Bar is opened 24 hours a day! And as hospitality enthusiasts, our prices will leave you with a smile on your face!

Rise Lounge Bar

Food & Beverage industry is constantly evolving, and in Larnaca this is not an exception. With bars having their honorary, you will have to plan your night out. Pick yours and start your night in style. Cheers!