Summer Activities in Larnaca

Summer Activities in Larnaca

20 May 2019 - Articles

As we head into summer, Larnaca’s favourite season, outdoors activities start to have their honorary. And if you are searching for adrenaline, then this article will be your personal assistant.

Apart from the beautiful city centre, Larnaca is surrounded by amazing scenery as well. And there is not a better way to explore those landscapes than on a quad bike! Quad Biking Safari will give you the chance to explore Larnaca’s county, in style! Cruising on a quad bike will cost you approximately 50 euro, yet will boost your adrenaline levels!

Quad Bike Safari

Water sports are a synonym to adrenaline. Larnaca’s coastal side is a great source of adrenaline. From around 35 euro, you can test yourself on a Kitesurfing course, thanks to Kahuna Surfhouse, located at Kiti beach! During the course, you have the chance to choose the difficulty level, by choosing wavy waters or a flat relaxed sea. In some cases, you get to choose how much wind you want! However, all depends on your experience, as safety is the first priority!

Kahuna Surfhouse by CJP Photography

An option that fits more to the “beginners”, is Stand up paddleboard. Technically, Stand up paddleboard, is surfing standing up. For 40 euro, you get to choose your board, and hit the open sea! The trainers will instruct you and provide you with the route, according to the wind direction! However, we highly recommend trying this sport with friends, as it is incredibly fun!

If all of the above seems boring to you, then fasten your seatbelt! Scuba diving at the Zenobia Wreck is rated as one of the best scuba diving locations worldwide! Previous experience isn’t a red line, as you get to choose to dive with an instructor or not. The top of the wreck is located 16 meters below the sea level, and the bottom is at 42 meters. What makes it a great diving location, is the fact that the actual wreck isn’t too deep, making the waters clear and with great visibility. The Infinity Freediving Cyprus is giving you the opportunity to live this one in a lifetime experience and it is located at the Marina of Larnaca, at Finikoudes beach.

Zenobia Wreck by Costas Constantinou

Probably one of the best for the end. Skydiving is not for everyone. Yet, it could be you’re the best experience you ever had! The Skydive Cyprus Centre is located just outside Larnaca, and a full jump course will cost you around 200 euro. However, jumping from a plane at 13,000 feet, it is an activity that makes a great story to tell.

The list above might contain your future favourite sport or even a hobby. Either a beginner or an experience adrenaline seeker, you definitely find something to have fun with! Making this summer a memorable experience, it is only down to you! Stay tuned for the next summer related blog articles to make it, More Than a Visit!