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Megasun Solarium Room

Find your sunshine at Rise Street Art Hotel

find your sunshine at
rise street art hotel

Welcome to The Megasun Solarium Room at the
Rise Street Art Hotel in Larnaca, where your search
for the perfect tan ends.

If you are seeking a luxurious sunbathing experience,
our premier solarium is for you.

Why Our Solarium Room?

Our state-of-the-art Solarium Room combines the
latest in tanning technology with comfort and luxury.

Whether it's maintaining your glow between beach visits
or prepping your skin for sun exposure, our solarium
is perfect for every season. Designed to provide a
perfect sun-kissed glow, our facilities cater to everyone
seeking that radiant look, all year round.

Get the perfect tan in
just 10 minutes

Experience our exclusive tanning technology
and achieve a sun-kissed glow in just 10 minutes.

Only €1 per minute – Enjoy a 10-minute
session for just €10.

Safety and Hygiene Measures

  • GLASSES (upon request)

Health and safety are our top priorities.
The Solarium Room adheres to stringent
hygiene standards, and we provide clear
guidance to help you tan responsibly.

Every session is followed by thorough cleaning
and sanitizing by our professional housekeepers.
Your health and comfort are paramount,
so we offer protective equipment.

Luxury Tanning,
Tailored to You!

Choose from a range of tanning options, designed
for every skin type and preference.

Our advanced, lay-down tanning machine not only
ensures a luxurious experience without the
enclosed space of traditional tanning beds but also
delivers instant results, leaving you with a radiant
glow and desired tone.

Equipped with collagen lamps to rejuvenate your
skin, it’s a wellness session that caters to both your
aesthetic and health needs. In our solarium room,
you’ll find a variety of creams by the reputable
brand Devoted Creations, to boost and prolong
your tanning results.

MegaSun: Unmatched
Tanning Excellence

Our MegaSun solarium, designed and manufactured by KBL GmbH in Dernbach, Germany, is among the top-class solariums worldwide. It has been thoroughly tested by doctors and health experts to ensure it meets stringent standards for safety and effectiveness. This guarantees that every tanning session at Rise Street Art Hotel is not only luxurious but also safe and reliable.

The machine was carefully selected for its user-friendliness, quality, aesthetics, performance, and safety. The MegaSun solarium combines advanced technology with comfort, allowing you to achieve a perfect sun-kissed glow with every session.

Get in touch to find out more
about our solarium

Comfort and Luxury Combined

Unlike standing tanning machines that can make you feel dizzy and closed in, our lay-down model
is designed with your comfort in mind—perfect for everyone, including those who might feel claustrophobic.

Relax and recharge

The space is equipped with a comfortable lounging area, allowing you to rest and recharge in between sessions.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Our machine and its technology care for your skin. The collagen lamps work to rejuvenate, leaving your skin
looking younger and more vibrant.

Your Year-Round Sunshine

Don't let the seasons dictate your tan. Our Solarium Room is here to keep your glow going,
no matter the weather outside.

Keep Your Tan Going

Mix your solarium sessions with beach outings or use them to prepare your skin for sunshine exposure.

Reserve your ray
of sunshine today!

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