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Wedding Venues in Cyprus: Where Love Meets Beauty

Wedding Venues in Cyprus: The renowned ‘Island of Love’ is genuinely unparalleled. Beyond its breathtaking vistas and sunlit shores, Cyprus offers a myriad of enchanting locations. Consequently, these spots become ideal for saying “I do”. Thus, delve into this guide, and, in addition, get ready to unveil the top venues. Most importantly, you’ll ensure your wedding day reflects the unmatched charm of Cyprus.

Anassa Hotel, Polis: Cyprus Wedding Venue with Mediterranean Allure

Anassa Hotel Polis
Anassa Hotel, Polis

Situated amidst lush gardens and olive groves, the Anassa Hotel in Polis isn’t merely a venue. Moreover, it showcases a mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean. For instance, visualize a moonlit ceremony by the sea or a garden fête beneath the stars. Similarly, this venue truly epitomizes Cyprus’ romantic wedding scenarios.

Aphrodite Hills, Kouklia: Premier Cyprus Wedding Destination

Aphrodite Hills Resort in Kouklia
Aphrodite Hills, Kouklia

Interestingly, the Aphrodite Hills Resort in Kouklia stands as a beacon of luxury. Additionally, it offers panoramic sea views, rolling hills, and pristine gardens. Therefore, it consistently ranks as a top choice. In essence, every cherished moment here feels like it’s been lifted from a romantic novel.

Cap St. Georges Beach Club Resort, Peyia: Dreamy Beachfront Nuptials

Cap St. Georges Beach Club in Peyia
Cap St. Georges Beach Club Resort, Peyia

For couples who’ve always fantasized about sandy aisles, the Cap St. Georges Beach Club Resort in Peyia is undeniably perfect. In the meantime, with the Mediterranean serving as your splendid backdrop, your vows gain an ethereal, cinematic touch.

Columbia Beach Resort, Pissouri: Cyprus Venue Merging Luxury & Intimacy

Columbia Beach Resort - Wedding Venue in Cyprus
Columbia Beach Resort, Pissouri

For those who prioritize intimacy without compromising on luxury, the Columbia Beach Resort in Pissouri Bay stands out. Likewise, surrounded by hills and offering a panoramic view of the bay, this venue truly emanates romance.

St. Nicholas Church, Protaras: A Timeless Cliffside Setting

St. Nicholas Church - Wedding Venue in Cyprus
St. Nicholas Church, Protaras

For the traditional at heart, the St. Nicholas Church in Protaras offers an unmatched cliffside venue. In other words, it’s a classic choice for those who appreciate enduring romance, with the sea playing witness.

Galu Seaside, Larnaca: Where Seascapes Frame Your Memories

Galu Seaside Larnaca - Wedding Venue in Cyprus
Galu Seaside, Larnaca

Lastly, for ocean aficionados, Galu Seaside in Larnaca is the pinnacle. Notably, Nari Films, distinguished wedding videographers, and photographers regularly collaborate with Galu Seaside. Consequently, they skillfully capture your invaluable moments, bequeathing you with memories that last a lifetime.

Exploring the Best Wedding Venues in Cyprus

From the traditional charm of St. Nicholas Church to the contemporary appeal of Galu Seaside, Cyprus is teeming with wedding venues for every taste. As a result, start your marital journey on this beautiful ‘Island of Love’.


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